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15 September
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I moved to Seaside, Oregon in '95. The scenery is great on camera! I'm currently trying to get back into the movie thing-- I was working on an idea, movie-wise, that would fit with the area here. But photography will come first. B&W, baby!
Meanwhile, I'm getting materials together to make my fursuit-- a wolf-owl combination. There's no way I can afford a commission, so... and I don't want something cartoon-like. Hey, it's not going to be "scary" either, just reasonably accurate!
Obscure movies make my day-- hell, obscure ANYTHING, just about. Traveling the country side here is great eye candy-- photo ops.
I decided to join the furry fandom, as it is sometimes called, to allow those animal aspects out, and couldn't really find anywhere else in which that goal would be realized. I've watched quite a number of videos (I'm at YouTube.com as squeeblee) and wound up kicking myself in the rear for not doing this along time ago! Nuts! It's not like I have to "worry" about "parental approval"! I'm a bit old for that. And too free.